Treasured Homes

The very best we can do for orphans in India, who are not elligible for adoption, is to place them in a loving foster home connected to an established church. It has always been the heart of TJM to show orphans just how loved and treasured they are, so giving them excellent care in a loving home with fewer children, and enrolling them in a top rated school where they will thrive, is our greatest mission!

We are now partnering with healthy churches and foster families,  placing orphans in their care and providing financial support for the greater expenses associated with giving these treasures the highest quality care and education they deserve.
We have placed Harinadh and Aravindh, the two boys we rescued from the slum in late 2013, into a foster home being overseen by a flourishing church with a heart for mission work and orphans in their community. The two boys are attending a private Christian school, a music class at the church; and are participating in sports. We could not be more pleased to know these children are receiving the care and education that meets TJM's standards!
If you are interested in making a difference in the lives and futures of these precious, funny, smart, and invaluable treasures, consider becoming a partial sponsor to assist in covering the greater expenses associated with excellent care and a high quality education! You can designate either child on our 'Donate' page in a dropdown below the amount you are able to give. Thank you!