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A Division of Jewels from Heaven, Inc. 501(c)3 Nonprofit

Our Story​

Our story begins with a baby girl, named Evelyn Marie, who went straight to be with Jesus before ever taking a  breath. . .

Our founder, Christy, gave birth to Evie, stillborn at 39 weeks 5 days on October 29th, 2010. She experienced a pain so deep to never get to experience looking into her daughter's eyes, caring for her as a mother would, or seeing her grow up. She was broken and felt an emptiness she never thought would leave her, until God spoke to her to give her mother's love away to children in India who did not have a mother to love them. With 3 1/2 years of healing and serving in the church, as well as putting on a yearly fundraiser called, "Jewels from Heaven," as a legacy for Evelyn, Christy felt God was pushing her to act on this calling for loving orphans in India. She said many prayers to get out of it, but the Lord answered every one of them! After the 3rd Annual Jewels from Heaven Benefit, Christy flew to India and ventured into the unknown, staying with a friend she had worked with over the phone seven years prior. She met Daniel, her now husband, in those first few weeks, and they began to serve at a very needy orphanage. They taught an after-school Bible class for 5 months, and in her second month, Christy met two orphans in the slum now called, "Stephen" and "Joseph." She felt they became her sons the day Daniel and Christy moved the two boys from the slum to the orphanage where they were serving.

Christy began to feel a strong burden to open a home for the two boys, and pray for future children to join them. In May 2014, Christy took a home for rent and moved the two boys with her. For a year, she home schooled them alongside a young Indian woman they hired to teach them Telugu and Hindi. Christy called the home, Lovelyn Academy. The atmosphere of love, learning, and fun was also opened up to the children of servant families in the neighborhood, who would spend time at the home regularly playing, learning English, sharing meals, and taking part in devotions. Christy was still so new to India and was experiencing great difficulty with so little community support, so she began praying for a partner to join her in the ministry, and God answered! She and the boys moved in with a pastor friend whom was running a girls home at the time. Christy and the two boys took the third floor and made it a boys home, and they took in four more boys. With the help of her supporters, Christy adopted this Smile 4 Child Home and began a partnership with the pastor there, providing for the home's needs, the children's education, and establishing guidelines for care and nutrition for the 2014/15 school year. Christy travelled back and forth a few times from the U.S. to India unitl she and Daniel's marriage in January 2016, and during during this time, the Jewels from Heaven, Inc. nonprofit in the U.S., and a trust in India were both established in late 2015.
Christy moved back to the U.S. to await the delivery of their son, Ethan, in February 2016. She has remained there for her husband, Daniel, to secure a Permanent Green Card, with quite a bit of resistance, but trusting the Lord had a rhyme and a reason for a season to focus on being a new wife and mom. She and Ethan visited India for 2 months in Dec. 2017, and she and Daniel pray about God's timing to be back on Indian soil to serve the Lord. A long-awaited prayer has finally been answered to place her two treasured boys in a loving foster home in India, and two good friends and ministry partners continue the orphan outreach projects.

Today, we sponsor six of the children at Smile 4 Child home at a highly reputable, private, Christian school. We host special projects throughout the year and at Christmas to bring love, joy, spiritual discipleship and basic needs to orphans throughout Hyderabad, India. Recently, we launched a new program to support foster homes . . . to give orphans in India the very best care and education, showing them just how treasured they are!

What's Next?

After 3 1/2 years doing ministry in India, learning and experiencing all that God had planned to build a solid foundation for Treasured Jewel Ministries, Daniel and Christy launched the vision for Hopeland 2020, alongside Father Soji, Daniel's good friend of 8 years. Hopeland will be a land of HOPE for orphans, a safe haven/ranch for our future sons and daughters. Our mission has always been to love and treasure the fatherless in India, raising them up as disciples of Christ. Overseeing our own home will allow us to ensure the best care, education, and spritual leadership for the orphans God has planned for us to shepherd. We are expectant of all the prayers that will be answered to give these kids the very best that they deserve!