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A Division of Jewels from Heaven, Inc. 501(c)3 Nonprofit

Orphan Education Sponsorship

Education is not free in India, a quality education is not cheap, and the competition for jobs is high. The value of a good education for orphan children means everything, not only for their future but for their daily survival and safety day in and day out. 
We pray that the investment in their education, along with the discipleship from their house parents and church, the orphans we sponsor will thrive in adulthood and not just merely survive. Six of our sponsored children attend a highly reputable, private, Christian Scool, with extracurriculars like dance and art. The children love attending school every day, and the teachers sing praises to how quickly our students are excelling in their studies! 
We sponsored eight children's education from the Smile for Child Home in South India for the 2016/2017 school year.

​2016/2017 School Year

Sponsored Students

(Not pictured in group shot)

2nd class

[Pictured from top left to right: Drew(3rd), Bella(2nd), Ginger(3rd), Vanessa(5th); bottom left to right: Olivia(2nd), Joseph(3rd), and Stephen(3rd)]

​2017/2018 School Year

Sponsored Students

Harvest Learning Academy